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Prochaine édition :

OCTOBER 27 | 28 - 2024

15 nail competitions

8 trophies

Join one of the largest nail championship in Europe

Organized in Europe, Asia et South America since 2016, Nailympion is a unique nail championship based on common rules all over the world :

  • Standardized competitions and score sheets
  • independance from any brands, label or lobby
  • international certified juges
  • Strict code of honor

1000 entries in hands-on competitions and 300 boxes in 2023

Nailympion is not a commercial brand name : it’s a worldwide distinction Beauty Profs had to gain on hard work, as a recognition to be up to the high standards of top international nail competitions, able to host hundreds of competitors from various countries.

NAILYMPION competitions gather thousands of competitors worldwide : an incredible nail championship with a unique atmosphere !
Ready to stretch your talent in France
in Beauty Profs ? Join us in Marseille, on october 27 et 28, 2024.

Why are NAILYMPION competitions unique ??

Independant from any brand or lobby, the international Council of NAILYMPION aims at promoting the excellence in the nail industry.


As members of the prestigious NIJ (Nail International Juges), all Nailympion juges have to take a specific certification and swear to respect a code of honor.


Curtain juges do not attend the competition and strict rules apply on the floor to protect the competitors id.

Fair jugement

The nailympion code of honor has extended the reputation and prestige of this championship all over the world.

That is why, gaining a podium at the next Nailympion France championship is a top professional reward.

Design sans titre (74)

Who can participate in the competition ??

The NAILYMPION championship is open to all nail techs without selection.

According to the international nomenclature, competitors can apply to division 1, 2 et 3, depending on their level.

There is also a « First Timers » division, especially intended for those competitors who come in the arena for the fist time. This division is for hands-on competitions only.

We are waiting for you !

NAILYMPION FRANCE is not only a competition, it’s also a community of professionals who share the same passion for nails and artwork.

That is why participating in the NAILYMPION FRANCE championship is always an experience high on emotion, that will also enhance your skills for day work in your salon.

Join us in Marseille on october 27 and 28 and be part of this incredible nail meeting featuring fifteen competitions over two days.

Ready to challenge yourself ?

You can come on your own or being part of a team. Whatever your level, even first timer, you will be « pampered » by our floor juges, who all have been once in your shoes in the arena.

So even if concentration and hard work are required, you will enjoy the nice and caring atmosphere of the competition.

In order to get tips and advise on the competition, you can join us on Instagram (link here : @nailympionfrance)  


In 2024, there will be six individual trophies and two team trophies to win.

Besides, the competitors who place 1, 2 or 3 in a competition will be rewarded in each division.

All participants in the competition will get a certificate.

The award ceremony is scheduled on october 28 th, at 6.30 pm.

2024 Trophies :

  • Team Trophy in hands-on competitions
  • Team Trophy in box competitions
  • Nail Art champion
  • Winner in division 1,2,3 and first timer
  • Winners of winners (best score in 3 hands-on competition)
  • Grand champion of France (best score in 5 hands-on competitions)

Rewards :

  • The competitors who place 1,2 or 3 in each competition will get a certificate and a medal
  • The team trophy winner will get a cup. Each member will get a certicate and a medal.
  • The Nail Art champion will get a cup and a certificate
  • Each division winner will get a cup and a certificate
  • The Grand Champion of France 2024 will get a cup and a medal

All winners will also get presents from the sponsors of the competition. 

Put your points in common and apply for the team trophy !

You feel like sharing the thrilling adventure of the next NAILYMPION FRANCE championship ? Come as a team ! The team members (3 to 6) can represent a nail brand, a cause, a town, a country, or simply be friends !

Two team trophies can be won :

  • Hands-on competitions :  the Team Trophy
  • Box competitions : the Team Trophy box

A team can register free of charge.

Memories of NAILYMPION FRANCE competitions

Will you be next on the podium in 2024 ? 

The NAILYMPION FRANCE competitions in 2024

Fifteen competitions are scheduled in the 2024 NAILYMPION FRANCE championship : seven hands-on competitions and eight submitted competitions (tip boxes).

New competitions in 2024 :

  • Free Style Art Manucure (hands-on)
  • Flat Art (Box)

Tip boxes

Tip boxes are submitted competitions, which means « made at home » and et presented on the first day of the competition. The total size of the artwork must comply with the competition standards (please refer to rules for details).

Each competitor can only submit one box in each tip box competition.

Tip boxes competitions include :

  • Salon Trend Manicure
  • Salon Trend Pedicure
  • Rhinestone (strass)
  • Mixed Media
  • Living Art
  • Fantasy nail art (3D)
  • Butterfly
  • Flat art (new in 2024)

The salon Trend manucure, Salon Trend Pedicure and Rhinestone competitions are « salon » competitions : the tips length must not be more than two centimeters, the artwork is expected to be trendy but not extreme, similar to a nail bar or salon manucure.

The « fantasy nail art », « mixed média », and « Butterfly » boxes require more creativity and high level technique, using different media and 3D decoration.

Same for the « flat Art », painted like a canvas.

Totally different is the « living art », consisting in creating a free style 3D design on any object (phone, key holder, piece of jewelry etc.).

Important notice : It is forbidden to infringe any copyright or licence (ex : reproduce Dysney characters).

To get more information on rules, please click on the following link :

Hands-on competitions

Hands-on competitions take place in the « Nail Village » at Beauty Profs Marseille, a unique beauty fair gathering 15 000 professionals. The competitors must bring their own equipment and nail products (any nail brand can be used), and come with their models.

All competitions are one hand, so the same model can do two competitions in a row.

En 2024, seven hands-on competitions are scheduled :

  • Stiletto nail art
  • Babyboomer
  • Salon style french
  • French Gel Sculpture
  • Ultimate Nail Art challenge
  • One Tone
  • Free Style Art Manucure (nouveauté 2024)

All hands-on competitions require to set extensions on the model’s hand. They can be tips or forms, depending on the competition.

The Stiletto Nail Art is a flat nail art competition on forms with stiletto style nail shape.

For the Babyboomer, the competitors can use tips or forms, and any nail shape is allowed. Create the perfect gradient !

The Salon Style French is a salon style manucure on tips or forms, applied with « French style » decoration on top. More technical, the French Gel Sculpture is also a French style competition, but you can only use forms. The nail shape must be extreme square and the French style artwok must be applied in the nail structure (reverse technique only).

The One Tone is a construction competition in gel only (no nail art is allowed). Only forms can be used, with a color gel cover.

The Ultimate Nail Art challenge is a 3D expert competition in three steps :

  • First step : the 3D decoration elements are created
  • Second step : the extensions are set on nails (forms only) and a nail art application is done
  • Third step : the 3D elements are put on nails

This requiring competition allows the competitor to get 245 points, which is on average twice the number of points you can get in other hands-on competitions.

To end with, the Free Style Art Manucure (new in 2024) is also a « salon » competition (no extreme lenght), with forms or tips applied with free style nail art.


The NAILYMPION FRANCE 2024 competition will take place during two days, on october 27 and 28, from 8.45 am to à 6.30 pm.

The competitors have a priority access to Beauty Profs before the doors open to the public, at 8 pm. They are kindly required to bring their ID and their free pass to the fair (previously get online).

The award ceremony is scheduled on monday 28 th october at 6.30


The NIJ is a non profit association. The 35 juges who will attend the competition in 2024 and the organizers, Delphine Derhé Spoor and Carole Florent, are all volunteers.

As a major actor in promoting the nail industry, Beauty Profs hosts the competition and gives logistical means.

The competition fares given by the competitors help financing the organisation of the competition.

Yet discounts apply according to the number of competitions.

The organisation team of NAILYMPION FRANCE 2024

Delphine Derhé Spoor

Organizer of the NAILYMPION FRANCE competition

Carole Florent

Organizer of the NAILYMPION FRANCE competition

International Juges of NAILYMPION FRANCE 2024

The international juges of next NAILYMPION FRANCE competition will soon be announced. Thank you for your patience.